Sandals Resorts, a luxury romantic vacation

Sandals Resorts LuMy Luxury

We, LuMy, have always liked to travel, but we have a special relationship with the Caribbean. There are several ways to discover the different islands, you can rent a great villa or a boat and go island-hopping or staying in various hotels.

Sandals Resorts

If you like all-inclusive and adults-only hotels with a great service level, and lots of romance, you can consider our tip: the Sandals Resort group.

This family-run resort group transformed itself from a brand and a resort in Jamaica and became one of the most famous and award-winning hospitality companies in the world. With five brands and 24 properties in seven countries, including Antigua, the Bahamas, Grenada, Barbados, Jamaica, Saint Lucia and Turks and Caicos, Sandals Resorts International is the undisputed leader of Caribbean vacation experiences and remains firmly committed to the region .

Our vacations

We had the opportunity to stay at various Sandals hotels in Jamaica Royal Plantation,  Grande Antigua and Regency La Toc St. Lucia (Not all at the same time, but spread over 3 years) and every time we found and felt the urge to be able to return to the warm blanket of dedicated service and friendly staff that Sandals offers you.

Sandals Resorts LuMy Luxury

The number of Europeans that you can find in the resorts is quite limited, and because the American customer accounts for 95% of the visitors, you have to be aware that service is mainly aimed at them. So from time to time this can frustrate the European visitor. You know, we Europeans eat with knife and fork, eat with our mouth closed, and do not shout so that the whole resort can hear us 😉 But not feared, it is only a small point of criticism. You can also get many benefits if you tell the staff that you are European, in our case Belgians. It seems that they are very cool and they just put some extra efforts to make us feel at home.


The packages that are offered are all great service, the food is great, the venues are great, the pools clean and ready to jump in, the cocktails are served lavishly and entertainment is very well planned, but not too overwhelming. If you want to get married or renew your wedding vow, this is a great and exquisite place to do that. We would do this when we were married for 10 years. I am still waiting ….

It is possible to book all kinds of trips and excursions to discover the island.

Are these resorts for the adventurous traveler? No, but it is for the couples looking for a romantic vacation to relax and enjoy life in a luxurious environment. 

Of course, if you like to go on a catamaran, discover the Caribbean sea or the Atlantic Ocean? Golfing? Diving? Discover nature (rainforests)? Then you are at the right place at Sandals.

And we have not talked about their Red Lane Spa! If you really want to be pampered, relaxed, feel good, the beauticians and masseuses will give you the time of your life! You can choose between a relaxing massage, a body peeling, a facial treatment, a pedi- & manicure and so much more, everything for him and her… or for a couple. We enjoyed it!

We can recommend Sandals Resorts if you are considering a visit to the mentioned islands. Sandals is not only a place to stay and enjoy life, this company is deeply rooted in the area with different foundations that help local communities and people.

So LuMy Luxury is a fan and we are already looking forward to a next trip. We have to work a bit more and save money 🙂

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