Nice to meet you! Let us go on an adventure together!


Hello, we are LuMy. We are a happy married couple, busy entrepreneurs in the luxury real estate world, foodie’s and we enjoy our free time together. We met 21 years ago and yes, it was love at first sight!

Our youth

It quickly became clear that we had a lot of similarities. We both grew up in a warm nest and our two fathers were self-employed, hard workers. The family did not lack anything and so we could also afford some luxury. Of course you should not assume that if you leave that litter, the finances will follow.
Obviously, the blood goes where it can not crawl and we became the business managers of an industrial cleaning company and of a wellness, which we have built from scratch. Cleaning was apparently both in the blood 🙂


Myriam’s grandfather was a very good and well-known chef. So she really grew up in the kitchen. Her “career” started as a young teenager behind the dishes, you have to start somewhere, right? Hence her love for food and cooking. Meanwhile she has gotten Luc to do the dishes while she is the kitchen princess. She cooks and he eats it, real foodies. Haha!

How does it continue?

This was of course not the only interest they share. Together they have already traveled half the world: South-Africa, Caribbean, Australia, Mexico, USA, …That is how they ended up as Belgians in Spain after selling the companies in Belgium. But they are not yet retired! On the contrary!
They’re active in the real estate world, selling luxury real estate at the Costa del Sol and investment projects in Andalusia with a motivated group.  It gives them the opportunity to meet people who also enjoy luxury, sometimes in a higher level than they are used to, but every time they learn from those encounters.
A good restaurant, a small boutique hotel, a great city trip, a secluded beach club, a great mountainbike trail, a walk along the beach….. our bucket list is still long.

What means luxury for you?