What is LuMy Luxury?

LuMy Luxury, what is luxury

What is LuMy Luxury? Let's find out together.

If you look up the word luxury in the encyclopaedia, you will see at the top: ‘what is nice, but not necessary’. I would like to link the word nice to the word luxury. Yes, of course I can live without my Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation or our trendy coffee machine, but a life with a good foundation and a yummy espresso in the morning is so nice. I see luxury as a form of comfort, regardless of the price. When you can take a day off from your boss to go to the beach, you also experience a sense of luxury. For me, luxury means enjoying and especially the freedom to enjoy. Because let’s face it, with good health you just enjoy a bit more of life.

In our society we combine luxury especially with products. During the last economic crisis, you saw in the fashion image that people were less conspicuously dressed, but wanted to keep going high-quality. Many people suddenly had a smaller budget, but still wanted to continue to enjoy. People then went out eating less often, but continued to visit the same restaurants. The same was true for holidays: one week per year on holiday, as long as we do not have to be at a campsite.

That said, what can you do expect in our “luxury blog”?
If you have read our about, you already know a little where our interests lie. We will let you enjoy our restaurant visits, hotels where we stay, holidays, cars that we are crazy about, luxury real estate and so on … But be careful, everything with a critical but righteous eye! These are also accompanied by valuable tips, tasty recipes (sometimes from our own kitchen)
In short, go with us on a world tour!

And for you, what does luxury mean to you?