Yellow day: celebrating the happiest day of the year

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In a world where gloom often takes center stage, it’s refreshing to have a day dedicated to happiness and positivity. That day is Yellow Day, celebrated on June 20 as the happiest day of the year. Unlike Blue Monday, considered the saddest day of the year, Yellow Day reminds us to embrace joy and cherish the things that make us happy.

Why Yellow Day?

Yellow Day has special significance as a day of celebration and merriment. According to color psychology, the color yellow symbolizes happiness, optimism, positivism, fun, intelligence and creativity. It’s the perfect shade to capture the essence of a day dedicated to spreading joy.

The science behind June 20:

June 20 was chosen as yellow day for valid reasons. Experts, including psychologists and meteorologists, have analyzed the emotions of thousands of people and statistically determined that this date is the happiest day of the year. In addition, June 20 marks the transition from spring to summer, when the sun reaches its maximum declination at the summer solstice. The longer daylight hours, warmer temperatures and the prospect of summer vacations add to the overall positive mood.

Reasons for happiness:

Several factors contribute to Yellow Day being designated as the happiest day of the year. Firstly, the increase in temperature and daylight hours play an important role in uplifting our mood. Experts suggest that average temperatures around 20 or 21 degrees Celsius are ideal for boosting our mood. The abundance of light during this time activates serotonin, otherwise known as the happiness hormone.

Second, the proximity of holidays and longer days create excitement and optimism. We start planning trips, enjoying endless days off and experiencing a surge in our overall well-being.

Finally, the summer season brings benefits such as more free hours, improved weather conditions and the expectation of free time. These factors together create an atmosphere conducive to happiness and contentment.

How To Celebrate Yellow Day?

Yellow Day is all about embracing happiness in your own way. Whether it’s a beach holiday, immersing yourself in the warmth of the sun and the sound of the waves, or enjoying a movie at the cinema or in the comfort of your own home, the choice is yours. Prepare a delicious meal and enjoy a special evening with your loved ones, or head to terraces in bars and town squares to soak up the lively atmosphere. Remember that any reason is good enough to be happy and satisfied.

yellow day LuMy Luxury

Yellow Day is a reminder to cherish the things that bring us joy and appreciate the moments that make life worth living. It’s a day to be thankful for the beauty that surrounds us and the happiness we can find in the simplest things. So let’s celebrate Yellow Day not only on June 20, but every day, to spread happiness, optimism and positivity in our lives and the lives of others.

Share your happiness on social media with the hashtags #YellowDay and #HappiestDayoftheYear. Let’s make every day a yellow day!