Salduna Beach, what a pleasant surprise!

Salduna Beach LuMy Luxury

A sunny September Monday, on the way to Marbella for a meeting with Line, the boss of Redline Company, to discuss our marketing strategy of Investo International. The meeting was scheduled at 12 noon. Indeed, even for a Belgian who lives in Spain for 4 years, this is normally the hour that you put your feet under the table. Not for a meeting, but for lunch! Fortunately Line is a good friend (yep, she is married to a wonderfully sweet Belgian!) And she found it quite funny when the sounds of my hungry stomach began to take over the meeting. Still a bit embarrassing.

Lunch, anyone?

Luckily Lu can occasionally shake a surprise out of his sleeve. After setting up his navigation, he said that we would have a working lunch at the beach. Yes! I completely agree! We had to talk about our company anyway, so where is that more fun than at the beach? That is the luxury we have, we are our own bosses. And you have to eat, right?

The discovery: Salduna Beach

This is how we discovered Salduna Beach in Estepona.

We immediately found a parking space, but during the busy season this could be a bit more difficult. Salduna Beach is beautifully situated in a quiet urbanization on Benamara Beach. A few minutes from San Pedro and Puerto Banus. It is easy to find on Google Maps.

The entrance is inviting, and we were very well received and despite not having a reservation we were immediately taken to a table with an open view. From the covered restaurant you have a very nice view of the sea and also on Gibraltar.

What will we eat?

It did not take long before they kindly asked what we wanted to drink and presented the menu. The drinks menu is extensive and also includes non-alcoholic cocktails. A Virgin mijoto, a glass of cava and a bottle of water was our choice.

As a starter we ordered: King prawns ceviche with mango and “aguachile” passion fruit and Almadraba red tuna tataki. Wow, this is a good start! So full of surprising flavors and delicious!

Would the main courses also be so surprising? Luc ordered the Rack of lamb with almonds and spearmint and I had the Sirloin beef steak Café de Paris. My meat was perfectly cooked, just as I like it: saignant. And that taste, yum. And the Café de Paris sauce was really delicate. Lu had 1 small comment on his dish, an extra rack of lamb would have been nice. Which of course does not detract from the taste, on the contrary, again perfectly cooked and very tasty. In Spain it is not customary to serve vegetables with their meals. With this in mind, we had fortunately taken the decision to order an extra portion of Sautéed grilled vegetables. Well, we like to eat our vegetables.

Dessert or not? I am not a sweet tooth, but Lu would commit a murder for chocolate. So, only Lu orders a dessert, Chocolate textures: White chocolate mousse, black chocolate cream, chocolate and hazelnut crumble, chocolate and almond cake, Baileys soup and ice cream. Haha, I was happy that the service spontaneously added 2 spoons! So good, a treat in your mouth.


The restaurant was under the watchful eye of the manager. She (Trudy) kept an eye on everything, intervened when necessary and she was not afraid to operate tables herself so that the customers did not have to wait too long. Very well organized service.

We have 2 points of criticism. In our visit to the toilet, each separately of course, we both came to the same conclusion. Both the ladies’ and men’s toilets could not be closed. The locks were broken. And do not you like to be private on a toilet? Drying your hands after you washed them also seemed to be a problem. No towels or paper. As a woman you usually have paper handkerchiefs in your handbag, but for a man that is usually a bit more difficult.

Salduna Beach was a true and pleasant discovery! Price / quality and the setting: highly recommended!

Salduna Beach consists of 5 parts; an indoor space that can be fully opened with large windows, a terrace / restaurant area that is fully covered, a lounge area with a number of high tables and umbrellas where you can enjoy a drink and the beach with pleasant sunbeds with a table for a drink. The service is offered everywhere. Events are also possible on the roof terrace, just like in the whole club.